Youth Pre Professional Program

Educating Through Performance

We believe all children should experience the arts

and celebrate in the spirit of expression.

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Educating and preparing young artists for a professional career in the Performing Arts.

Our students gain knowledge through collaboration and project-based learning while growing and expanding their skills in Acting, Dance, Film and Playwriting. Our unique teaching methods combine fundamental and classical concepts with experimental creative processes, providing professional-level training for aspiring or experienced performers.

These classes are open to anyone, and students of the Pre-Professional Program will be eligible for B*Tru Arts Pre-Professional certification and have the opportunity to perform in student showcases and keynote events throughout the year.

Successful Youth Pre-Professional Performing Arts Students

What We Teach

A pre-professional program for aspiring actors who are interested in the art of stage or film acting, directing and more. We focus on original collaborative work so that our students grow rich in the experience of ensemble-building through creating their own productions.

Course topics:

  • Monologue Preparation
  • Text Analysis and Interpretation of sides
  • Improvisation Techniques and Exercises
  • Pre-Audition and Callback Preparation
  • Exploring your Emotional Depths
  • Acting Tactics and Objectives
  • Timing, Rhythm, and Control
  • Expanding your Acting Range with Character Work
  • Scene study
  • Study of a variety of industry adopted methods
  • Preparation for college/school acting program auditions
  • Building your own Actor’s website
  • Headshot and Resume
  • Students are encouraged to audition for all B*Tru Arts productions.


A program for young dancers who want to immerse themselves in all styles of dance, artistically physically articulate and expand their knowledge of the art. The diverse range of dance styles trains young dancers for a new era in the field of dance that values tradition, technical versatility, innovation, and individuality.

Students will be introduced to the history and performance of: ballet, jazz, modern/contemporary, musical theatre, hip hop, experimental and multicultural dance. Students will learn original choreography and gain the skills to create their own work. Our students will be able to integrate all forms and levels of dance and will have the opportunity to choreograph their own final performances.

A course that engages participants to experience dance as an expression of life.This is a program for individuals who want to immerse themselves in an innovative style of dance that inspires creativity on the cutting edge of cultural expression.

Students will learn the basics of popping and animation, including:  popping, waving, tutting, robotics, gliding and much more. Students will learn original choreography and gain the skills to create their own work. Our students will be able to integrate all forms and levels of dance and will have the opportunity to choreograph their own final performances.

Once upon a time there was a story so epic, so intense, so funny that no one could believe it existed. They were right! You haven’t written it yet!

The playwriting program is for the next generation of storytellers. Everyone has a unique voice and an important story to share. Whether it be a silly summer adventure or a heroic tale, this is the place to take your cool ideas and bring them to life. Each individual will work on their own short scene with their own specially thought up characters, as well as collaborate with their fellow student artists to create and produce a short play.

Students will learn the basics of creating a short play script, including: writing exercises,  collaboration and community building, character development, plot development, dialogue, stage directions and formatting.

Join us as we band together to bring our voices to the stage and out into the world!

Students study all aspects of film making, including screenwriting, story boarding, acting, and directing. Classes meet 2 days a week for 1.5 hours.

  • Script development
  • Filming
  • Screening
  • Set directing
  • Post production

Final film projects will be screened every 10 weeks

Set your creativity free and let your beautiful voice soar with renewed empowerment through performing arts classes with world renowned workshop artist and teacher, Heidi Little. Heidi has energetically united with a youthful, diverse, and dedicated fan-base throughout all parts of the globe since getting her start 15 years ago performing “Live” with a studio audience for CBC Radio, in night clubs, and performing for royalty in her birth city of Regina, Sask, Canada. Her song ‘No More War’ lasted 14+ months on the IAC charts at #1 in Rock and all genres, ‘Shine’ went coast to coast, and ‘The Way’ (first song she ever wrote) ran 3 years in the top 10 on Number 1 Music/Our Stage/My Stage. You can learn to write your own unique songs in standard pop, rock, aaa, country and indie formats. Join voice classes tailored to each student in a class especially designed for singers who are also songwriters. Don’t hesitate due to lack of experience. This class is tailored to all levels of skill and background. It’s time to rise and shine. Self empowerment included as a bonus.


Tuition donations are payable monthly in advance, due by the 1st of each month. Suggested donations remain the same whether it’s a long (5 week) or short (3 week) month and regardless of absences, vacations or holidays. No refunds or adjustments due to absences. Donations are tax-deductible, but non-refundable and non-transferable.

Suggested donations are based on the number of programs enrolled in. Private lessons are separate and have their own rates.

If you wish to terminate enrollment, written notification is required before the 1st of the upcoming month.

A $30.00 fee will be charged on all checks returned by the bank.