Jahvat’ Martello. Boyd-Walker

Academy Hip Hop Dance Instructor

Jahvat’ Martello. Boyd-Walker, also known as “GrandMaster Bugzy,” is a 24-year-old dancer from Detroit, MI. He moved to Austin in 2013 and plunged into the battle scene with his brother, GrandMaster Bass. This led to his first paying gig with their first crew created in Austin, better known as SIN (Strength in Numbers) with just four members. He made the life-changing decision to be a part-time to full-time street performer. Their numbers got bigger, so he and his crew formed a new name for their dance crew,¬†IncrediCrew, an Austin-based street-performing dance crew in the summer of 2014. IncrediCrew was created to focus on spreading the joy of dance and communicating through body language as well as teaching their dance style all over the world. Their motto is “Everyone can be a Hero, even you!” which is to say that everyone can help make someone’s day a little brighter even with just a simple smile or as extravagant and smooth as a dance move. Their ultimate goal is to spread the culture of hip hop and promote peace, love, unity and safely having fun. However, for the future, the other plan is to build a traveling circus of dancers like themselves with a stage and travel the world, maybe even go outside of the major media productions (SYTYCD, WOD, America’s Got Talent, etc.). They focus on making a pathway for the future youth (Kings and Queens) to pursue their dreams on “I think, therefore I am, but only when the mind is silent, I am.” They say it’s a dream worth chasing and in their pursuit they will continue to inspire others to be a hero.