What Non-Profit Organization Should You Support

What Non-Profit Organization Should You Support

What exactly is a non-profit organization and what does it offer the community? The purpose of non-profit entities is to offer programs, resources, and services to local communities. It is another way to provide social and educational outlets for individuals of all ages. These outlets include resources such as art, education, health and services, human rights and much more. As our community continues to expand, it is essential to become aware of nonprofits that benefit us. So what non-profit organization besides B*Tru Arts offer programs and beneficial resources for youth students? 

Zilker Theatre Productions (or “friends of the summer musical”) is an establishment for youth students interested in musical theatre, located at the Zilker Hillside Theatre. This intuition was founded in 1959 and has been a great source for students to explore their performing and musical talents. It offers a wide span of educational opportunities, providing their students with youth training programs, internships, free audition workshops, literacy partnerships and more. Not only do they offer youth students with great tools, but they also provide the community and other art organizations with effective theater resources that include on and off stage equipment. 

Aside from programs and resources Zilker Theatre Productions provides for their students, they also have available volunteering positions for their summer musicals. This is a great way to provide support and help for this organization as they already do so much for various art communities and schools. 

Zilker Theatre Productions is one of the many non-profit organizations that offers so much for Austin’s community. And as a community, we need those essential resources that allow people of all ages to explore their interests, creativity, and knowledge. So go give them a visit and support their summer musicals. As they have many talented performers ready to give you a performance!

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