Top 3 Halloween-Inspired Productions to See in Austin

1. The Rocky Horror Show: Witness a night of science fiction, transvestites and pelvic trusts with the Austin Theatre Project’s production of The Rocky Horror Show. Follow newlyweds Brad and Janet on a stormy night to a mysterious castle where they meet the transsexual mad scientist, Dr. Frank N. Furter, and his erotically bizarre castle staff. Our past Inspiro Fest performer, Kirk Kelso, will be playing Transylvanian transvestite Frank N. Furter This science fiction musical runs from Oct. 30-Nov. 14. To buy tickets

Rocky Horror

2. There’s Beauty In The Beast: The story of Frankenstein takes a modern twist with One Ounce Opera’s production of There’s Beauty in the Beast. This 45 minute, three act play is a tale of transgender love and betrayal, where Victor Frankenstein’s monster awakens with a more feminine side. Last showing of the production are Oct. 30-31. Buy tickets at

There's Beauty in the Beast

3. Night of the Living Dead: Experience the classic zombie thriller in a new innovative way with The Bug Theatre’s Night of the Living Dead 2015. Going on it’s seven year, the theatre company keeps the tradition going with live action segments and pre-filmed zombie gore filled scenes. Audience members are encouraged to dress their best as the undead. The show continues till Oct. 31. Buy tickets at

Night of the Living Dead