Inspiro Fest Feature: Robbie Pryor

In anticipation of Inspiro Fest 2015 — the third annual communal arts festival featuring live theatre and music performances, local vendors, healers, workshops and more — B*TRU ARTS spoke with some of the featured performing guests.

Robbie Pryor, Austin DJ and street performer, went from busting moves to playing grooves, sharing his love of music with the Austin community.

Can you give me an overview of multiple talents you have? Street performing, DJing, ect? 

I started off as a guitarist, then I got into playing classical guitar and that’s when I found my passion for music. It helped me though life until I started to go out dancing at random parties in my high school years. After I graduated, I started to travel and compete in dance events all around. Never thought I would end up dancing but since music was a second language to me, I embraced it very well.

I street perform at the Pecan Street festival twice a year or any other family friendly festival I can find, I’m usually a big hit with the kids. Then I started throwing and judging events, that is when I saw the big picture.  I can get the right judges, but DJs that had the right music to accommodate the dancers were scarce. That’s when I stepped in, I have a huge collection of music to get almost every dancer of any genre hype. So I started DJING in 2012.  I started to play at random shows and events and got into the party music scene. I don’t play commercial stuff but more so beats that will make you want to groove.

How do you manage your multi work schedules?

During the day I work at a utility company and I just started summer classes, but in my free time I produce and play music or go out dancing.

What do you love about DJing?

What I love to do is to entertain and help people forget about their troubles in life with just one moment of excitement. Whether it’s spinning a dope beat or dancing to one. People need to have an authentic experience here and there.

What inspired you to pursue these entertaining careers?

I keep doing what I do for the dance community that I’m in. Even though I don’t battle anymore I still support it because it’s what helped me get through some hard times

Where can people see you perform/ contact you?

I street perform on 6th during the day for the Pecan Street festival. I try to stick with the family friendly festivals but I’ll occasionally do random performances here and there. As far as DJing, I’m spinning at a huge dance event at 210 Kapones the 27th of the month. If anyone needs to get a hold of me, please contact me on Facebook or just approach me at Inspiro Fest. Maybe we can share a laugh.

See Robbie Pryor at Inspiro Fest,, Saturday, June 13, 2015, at Casa De Luz, 1701 Toomey Road, Austin, Texas 78704 at 7:45 p.m.