Inspiro Fest Feature: Nate Laningham

In anticipation of Inspiro Fest 2015 — the third annual communal arts festival featuring live theatre and music performances, local vendors, healers, workshops and more — B*TRU ARTS spoke with some of the featured performing guests.

Nate Langingham, guitarist and vocalist, speaks on his journey to making a impact through music.

How did you get involved in The Minutes and the Miles?

“The Minutes and the Miles” is a moniker really. It’s the title I use when I’m performing music with a full band. It’s a more interesting title than “The Nate Laningham Band’. Too bland.

What made you want to pursue this as a career?

I’ve always written music, there’s no escaping it for me. I don’t think I ever decided to make it a career choice, but it has remained at the forefront of my thoughts since I was a kid. The past two years have proven to me that it can be a source of revenue if managed correctly, but money will never outweigh the reward of creation or the thrill of performance.

What kind of effect are you hoping to have on your audience?

The best art in the world is the kind that captures you. [The kind] that transports you to another place, even if just for a moment. When I watch a really great film, I am transfixed, swallowed by the world it creates. A great film can spark inspiration, it can nourish imagination. I want to take people on a journey like that. I want to capture them, to transport them to a place of imagination.

Are there any specific messages or themes your music portrays?

I guess I have a lot of social criticisms in my music. I’m not a bitter person, but music is a great way to express one’s extreme opinions and emotions in a digestible format. I love to tell a story though. If I can tell a great story, the message will generate itself. The listener is the person who really decides the message.

What has been the influence of your music?

Everything can be an influence, really; whatever sparks imagination. Musically, I have been influenced by hundreds of different artists over the years, a lot of them local. Diversity inspires me, I do love me some great jazz or blues at the Elephant Room.

Where can people find you and listen to you? is a good place to hear some of the full band stuff. If you look me up on SoundCloud (Nate Laningham) there is a much larger selection. Stuff from other projects, television and film composition, choral music, some electronic.