Inspiro Fest Feature: Mind’s Eye Muse

Inspiro Fest Feature: Mind’s Eye Muse

Our next group for Inspiro Fest 2016 is Mind’s Eye Muse, made up of duo Bart and Erin Landry. According to their Facebook Page, which you can check out here, they create “multisensory experiences that are transformative, uplifting, & inspiring.” We spoke to Mind’s Eye Muse to learn more about their history, how they got started, and some of their biggest influences. 

Tell me about your music career

Bart Landry (aka “Exstus”)  is the musical component of Mind’s Eye Muse. Having composed, performed, and produced music in a wide variety of styles for over 30 years, he is a musical surrealist who aims to weave an experience somewhere between dream and reality…music that invites introspection and deep connection. In the studio, he creates deep, evolving world/ambient compositions to express the ideas captured in Erin’s art. At live shows, Bart utilizes tribal rhythms and live looping while performing nylon-string guitar, bouzouki, inuk, middle-eastern ukulele, and electric sitar.

Bart is elated to combine his diverse musical talents with a deep desire to help, heal, and inspire others through Mind’s Eye Muse.


How did the group get started?

It started with sacred connection…the finding of true love. Bart and Erin (the founding members) both fought years of personal struggles and toxic relationships before finding each other. Their sacred connection blossomed to provide the much needed inspiration, connection, and emotional support that set fire to a profound creative and spiritual purpose.  After a lifetime of struggling individually, Bart and Erin found the keys to healing, inspiration, and new levels of creative expression through their connection to each other. This sacred bond fosters an energy so powerful, and so profound, that the couple feels a responsibility to help others find the same.


What might people be surprised to know about each of you?

We’ve had a number of people tell us they’re surprised that we are so down to earth/humble. For some reason, they expect arrogance to go along with the level of professionalism & talent we bring to our shows. But there’s never a reason to be arrogant or conceited about anything. We all – EVERYONE – have our gifts and blessings. If someone lacks humility and kindness, he/she is missing the most important part of being human.


How would you describe your music?

Ethnic shred/world fusion music with deep wobble bass. Our visual performance is equally noteworthy:

Erin performs her signature blend of dance styles: Latin, popping & locking, and belly dance

Flow Faeries (Fern & Fawn) perform a blend of flow arts including poi and silks.



Who are your biggest influences?

 In Music:

•    Strunz & Farah

•    Al di Meola

•    Deep wobble bass music

•    Hindustani (indian classical) music

•    Persian music

•    Miles Davis

•    Yngwie Malmsteen

In Life:

•    Buddhism

•    Taoism

•    Psychology

•    Philosophy


Where can we hear your music?