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Writing a screenplay can be tough

Let our professionals help you with your next script

Have a script that needs work or an idea that you’d like to develop into a script?

Let us help! We have years of experience writing coverage for various companies, including several prominent international screenplay competitions, and can help you develop and strengthen your story while avoiding some very common, but damaging screenwriting pitfalls.

Currently offering script coverage services with several different options ranging anywhere from 1 page to at least 5-6 pages of detailed, page-specific notes, depending on your preference and budget. Workshop your script or idea through us at a fraction of the price of other coverage services out there and let us help your work achieve its full potential.


$ 30
  • 1st 20 pages
  • Character development
  • Constructive Input


$ 35
  • 1st 30 pages
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Constructive Insight

Tier 1

$ 45
  • 1-2 pages of feedback
  • General notes covering stories
  • Character Development & Dialoge
  • Structure & Composition

Tier 2

$ 65
  • 3-4 pgs. of feedback
  • General and Page-specific Notes
  • Covering Story
  • Characters & Dialogue Development
  • Composition & Structure

Tier 3

$ 85
  • Extensive General and Page-Specific Notes
  • Covering story & Character Development
  • Dialoge & Structure
  • Target Audience & Marketability